Blogging On The Go

Given how much travel I’m doing around Britain, I took the plunge and bought a Chromebook. It’s essentially a scaled down laptop designed for people on the go. It allows me to write in my blog wherever I am in the world without having to carry around a conventional and heavy laptop.

One of the most frustrating aspects I’ve found about travel writing previously is having to try and remember all the detail of places when I return home, often relying on photographs to jog my memory. With a Chromebook, I can record my travels and experiences on the go. 20180311_092820.jpg

The version I bought is made by Acer, has a 32Gb solid state drive with 2Gb Ram and a 14″ screen and weighs just over 3.5 pounds or 1.6kg. There are 2 x USB ports, an HDMI port and headphone jack. The internal memory doesn’t sound like a lot but all of my data is stored in the cloud with Google, so I don’t really need a lot of drive space. Plus, with a 14 hour battery life, it’s available whenever I need it….as long as I have an internet connection.

For internet, I currently use my Android phone and connect via a mobile hotspot using Vodafones 4G network. With 32Gb of data use per month, I have plenty of data to use during my travels.

The reason I chose a Chromebook over other types is that it syncs seamlessly to my Google account…email, photos and enables me to surf the web or watch videos without have to squint at the tiny screen on my phone. I use WordPress for my blogging, which also works seamlessly with Google Photos, allowing me to directly transfer photos from my Google account to my blog without having to download them first.

While not the best laptop on the market, it certainly meets all my needs and at only £250, it beats the likes of Apple, whose devices are expensive and other providers that use Microsoft as their base operating system and aren’t compatible with Google. Highly recommended for all you bloggers out there.


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