One hot day last summer, my boyfriend and I spent the day in Chester. The weather was magic. It was 30C outside, blue skies and so not like the Britain I know. We caught the train down from Manchester, changing at Crewe. You see we do get bright sunny days here in Britain…just not that often.

We took a packed lunch and dined outside on the grass of the Roman gardens before heading for a walk around the wall. We paid extra for a personal tour of the bell tower at Chester Cathedral, right up to the roof of the bell tower, with views extending all over the county. We could even see Liverpool in the distance.

Chester Cathedral dates back to somewhere between the 11th and 16th Century, though use of the site dates back to Roman times. The organ was installed in 1844 with many restoration projects undertaken during the last century to keep it in pristine condition.

We didn’t hang around too long after the wall tour, for the heat was getting beyond us so we headed for the nearest pub to sink a few ales before getting on our train back to Manchester.



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