Starting Over

When we arrived in Britain, we had no possessions of any kind.  What didn’t fit into one suitcase didn’t come with us. We didn’t really have the money to buy a full lounge suite or even a 2nd hand lounge…so I made one. And besides, it’s more complicated and expensive to travel or relocate the more crap you have in your life so we like keep to bare minimums when it comes to furniture.

The first piece of furniture I designed was based on photos I saw on Pinterest when I was looking for an affordable and portable sofa solution for our front room.

You only have to look around your local neighbourhood to discover a skip bin filled with wooden pallets and there’s bound to be a neighbour renovating at some point, so keep your eye out.

I purchased a cheap reciprocating saw which enabled me to easily chop up the pallet, cutting through nails with ease. If you’re like me, rather than try and remove the nails, I quite like the rustic look of the nails so I leave them in.

The sofa bed has an overall length of 2.2m long, 70cm wide and height of 30cm. The sofa bed component is slightly smaller than a small single bed, but only marginally, coming in at 190cm x 70cm.

A great feature is that it breaks down into 5 transportable parts, meaning I can move the sofa easily. 

Since we’ve been living in the same house for over 12 months, we’re slowly making our house a home. In addition to the sofa, I made us a coffee table and some garden furniture.

Here’s my tool and materials list

  • Reciprocating saw, £30 including 2 saw blades, one for timber and the other for metal (nails).
  • Paint £10, look for special deals at B&Q.
  • Tin of varnish for side table £1
  • Custom foam 190 x 70 x 15cm $96 including VAT and delivery.
  • Wood pallets FREE
  • Plywood FREE
  • Total price: £107
  • Time and patience required too!

If you are interested in learning more about upcycling wood pallets, check out Pinterest for inspiration plus YouTube has plenty of videos on the subject.




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