Life On Water: A Boat Buyers Guide

A couple of months ago, I setup another site called All I Can Afford. It’s a website dedicated to those who are looking for an alternative life on the water.

For 2 years, I’ve researched everything about narrowboats, hulls, engines, water pressure, alternative power, batteries and toilets…yes toilets, which I spent about 3 months learning about. I’ve even built myself a solar powered composting toilet for our boat as I believe they’re the best types of sanitary systems for life on water.

All I Can Afford is a culmination of that research.

I figured I would be buying a fibreglass boat (GRP) or Yoghurt Tops as they’re known locally as the entry point and financial risks are much lower than a steel narrowboat but we’re currently investigating obtaining a small personal loan from our bank to purchase a narrowboat as the safety risks over a GRP far outweigh the financial ones. It will be worth the wait and the investment.

I’ve decided to keep the boat diary separate so it’s all in one place so I can refer to it whenever I like. I already have sections available to view including a boat budget with a shore living comparison. I published a Power Audit document to help me understand exactly how much power I’ll require to run appliances on my boat. Plus, I have published several pages about my composting toilet. I will be publishing my logs and vlogs about my experience of life on the water but still using this site to publish all of my travels around the canal network.

You can view my other site here

You can find the vlogs about my composting toilet and other cool stuff on YouTube



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