Touring the States

My significant other is currently traveling for work in the United States. I spoke to him last night. He’s having the time of his life because the products his company sell are used by all the breweries and distilleries in America. He’s been to over 8 cities in 2 weeks.

To my astonishment, and I had no idea this was the case, is that his company’s products are also used in Denver, Colorado, for use in the legalised marijuana trade. Colorado was the first state in the US to legalise the sale of marijuana. Amazing. Who would have thought in this day and age that it would ever be legal, particularly in what I thought was quite a conservative country, especially with you know who at the helm.

So he gets private tours of all these factories, even the Jack Daniels distillery in Tennessee. So jealous. But at least now he’ll know of all the best places to visit when we decide to plan a trip there. And flights to America are no where near as expensive from the UK as they are from Australia…and not nearly as long either.

But I’m in no rush. Britain provides everything I want so that will do for now.


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