Winter Is Coming

Well, I think I’ve felt the start of winter today with the mercury plummeting to just 1C this morning when I left for work. By 9am it was just 3C. It was cold enough for this Aussie to don my leather and lambswool hat. I wore two merino base layers plus my fleece and raincoat. And gloves.

Still waking up

Initially I was posted down at Duke 92 near Castlefield but there was hardly any foot traffic after several hours, which surprised me actually because while it was cold, it was a glorious morning with the warm sun beating down on us for a time.

My team leader moved me to Vesta Street and so glad he did. Much more foot fall and more people to chat to.

As I was walking up to Vesta street along the towpath (of course) I couldn’t help but notice the lights in the tunnel going through the Rochdale canal underneath Manchester. It was an eery feeling walking through there. All I could hear was water splashing down from the lock ahead. All I could see was this…

I can only imagine what this place would be like after dark. Good place to stay away from I think.


The highlight of my day was meeting this delightful couple who had just bought themselves a narrowboat.

They met in Adelaide, Australia but moved to England 4 years ago. They just picked up an old 45 foot narrowboat which needs some cosmetic work done to the interior but I’m told she’s sound so that’s the most important part. Their plan is to eventually move and live aboard so I gave them my blog address and told them to keep in touch.

This is what I love about boating. I get to meet new people who all share a common interest that happens to be narrowboats. There is a real sense of community amongst boaters that I’m only beginning to experience. I really hope the couple get in contact. They were just lovely and of course, we have much to discuss.





One thought on “Winter Is Coming

  1. If you love narrow boats can I recommend a book. I read it about four years ago, it was really good and gives you a real insight into living on a canal boat full time. Narrow Margins by Marie Browne. It’s only 99p on Kindle.


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