Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

As I arrived early this morning, a fine misty fog covered the town and when the light was right, it created some stunning visual effects. Where am I? Hebden Bridge. It’s more like a village than a town, right on the Rochdale canal in the middle of Yorkshire. It’s so picturesque and tranquil, although I’d imagine this place would get quite busy at weekends. The town centre was full of old buildings and bustling cafes. Today, mostly walkers were out and about and honestly, who wouldn’t want to trek through this glorious countryside? It’s some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen since my arrival in England. Got one better actually…I want to cruise my narrowboat through here.

Hebden Bridge is known for it’s corduroy. It was dubbed “Trouser Town” by the locals.

It’s now a haven for gay and lesbian inhabitants, though mostly women flock here. It became a popular town for lesbians in the 80’s and 90’s as town that offered mutual support while bringing up children. I can see the appeal of living in a town like this, although I’d still want to live on a boat. Imagine waking up to this every day!

My partner and I are headed to a farmhouse nearby next weekend so no doubt I’ll have more fabulous photos to share of this glorious part of Yorkshire.




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